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Privacy policy

1.In order to implement this declaration, DAP will establish internal regulations concerning the protection of personal information, DAP will thoroughly disseminate it to our officers, all employees and other stakeholders for improvement and maintenance.
2. In order to secure the security of personal information, DAP have a person responsible for management, and DAP will take necessary and appropriate safety measures to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, unauthorized access etc of personal information.
3.DAP will do by lawful and fair means when DAP obtain personal information, DAP will not obtain by illegal way. When the guest provide personal information to us, DAP will inform to the guest of the purpose of using that personal information, or indicate necessary items on our website.
4.DAP will not handle personal information beyond the range necessary for achieving the notice or explicit purpose of use. However, excluding cases that the guest have consent of yourself and when DAP use the statistical data etc. in a state because DAP can not be identified, or when the use is permitted according to related laws and regulations.
5.When the guest wishes to inquire, change, or modify personal information of themselves, DAP promptly confirms that it is a request from the guest, based on the procedure prescribed by our facility DAP will correspond.
6.DAP will not provide personal information to third parties except when DAP got the consent of the individual or based on laws and regulations etc. In the case of providing personal information to outsourcers to outsource operations, DAP conclude necessary contracts with such entrustees and take necessary measures for the safety management of personal information.
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